Rome, Italy: Enjoying the Passeggiata

Rome, Italy: Enjoying the Passeggiata

As day softens into dusk in Italy, something in the air seems to tug people from their homes and workplaces to participate in one of the enduring traditions of Italian life: la passeggiata. This evening promenade, generally between 5 and 8 PM, occurs in virtually every town, village, or big city in Italy. Here are my tips for joining in the tradition, and some favorite spots for strolling in Italian cities.

Andiamo a fare qualche vasca! (Literally, let’s go do some laps—as in a pool), Italians say to one another. However, this “cultural performance,” as sociologists describe it, involves much more than strolling to and fro.

During the week, the passeggiata marks the end of the workday and offers a moment of sociability before the family dinner. On Saturday and Sunday, the passeggiata often becomes the main social event of the day, when entire families take to the streets.

In most villages, it’s easy to find la passeggiata. Just head for the corso or main street or the liveliest piazza.


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