Options Away – Put a hold on your flight for days or weeks

Options Away – Put a hold on your flight for days or weeks

With Options Away, you can lock in the current price of your flight so you no longer have to worry about price increases. By holding a flight for days or even weeks, we’re giving you the flexibility and time you deserve to plan your trip. If you decide to take your trip, you will need to confirm your booking by signing into your account. If you choose not to travel, simply do nothing. How easy is that?

Choose how long to hold your flight

Select from available 3, 7, 14, or 21 days.

Proceed to checkout

You only pay the hold fee, but your airfare is locked in.

Plan your trip

We’ll send you an email confirmation.

Book when you’re ready

Or do nothing if you decide not to travel.

Say goodbye to airfare anxiety.


How Does This Work?
Options Away brings you the ability to hold an itinerary before you commit to booking.

Search And Select Flight To Hold
A “hold” button will appear for each available Options Away itinerary.

Choose The Amount Of Time You’d Like To Hold The Flight(S)
Select from the available 3, 7, 14, or 21 day holds.

Checkout Using Our Secure Payment Page
You can hold flights for friends and family. Hold more than one if you’re not sure what airline, date, or time.

Finalize Your Travel Plans With Options Away
Flight prices change fast so we’ll do our best to get in contact with you to alert you of fare drops and other itineraries that will help you save money. Pro Tip: You can also find great deals on hotels and rental cars pertaining to your destination.

Book Your Trip Or Let Your Hold Expire
Did you know? If the price has increased, you pay your originally locked-in fare. If the price has decreased, you pay the new, lower fare.

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