Italian lesson: American Man Meets Italian Woman

Italian lesson: American Man Meets Italian Woman

Italian lesson is for the man who wants to win over her heart with Italian! Whether you pursue a woman in the U.S. or in Italy, this lesson will get you farther than you think! Learn some heart-filled words and phrases that you can say to your sweetheart in Italian! Or learn some inviting Italian phrases that you can say to that Italian girl you hope to meet on your trip to Italy! When in Rome, do as the Romans do…flirt with the ladies and be persistent without being overly agressive! You’ll learn to ask if she’d like a drink, if she’s with anyone, if she has a boyfriend and so much more! With over 50 Italian words and phrases, you’ll learn how to give her some major compliments in Italian (and if you can make her smile, trust me, you’re already half way there!) Following the lesson is an information segment in English– it will give you all the insight you need to win over an Italian woman!

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