A trip to the post office in Florence

A trip to the post office in Florence

A trip to the post office in Florence actually reminded me of the DMV in NY. There are a number of employees working behind windows and a main board directing the customers to the next available window.

When you enter, you will find a sign listing the business services available. On this board, it will indicate the code letter that corresponds to each service. For instance, if you want to mail a letter or buy stamps, you choose P. Yes the board is in Italian, but below is a photo of it, so you can translate the terms before you arrive at the post office.

2015-07-27 16.50.35

Next to this board is a machine to enter the code. You choose the selection on the machine and a ticket is received with your numbered turn in line.

 2015-07-27 16.50.59

Take a seat as there are many available and you don’t have to wait standing up!

2015-07-27 16.46.06

Be sure to pay attention each time you hear a beep to see if your number is shown on the main board and which window to approach. I saw a few people miss their turns!  Once your number appears, bring your ticket to the window you are directed to on the main board and conduct your business.

There are a number of post offices in Florence. The one I visited was Via Pietrapiana 53.  Click here  for other locations and hours in Florence.

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